Best and worst drinks for weight loss

Best and worst drinks for weight loss
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Most of people pay their attention and focus on the food only and they don’t pay attention to the drinks which causes an increase in their weight since it contains high-calories, So you have to be careful while drinking any drink and focus on its impact on your health and your weight.
You can choose drinks that help you to lose weight by increasing your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and reduce the total calories, or vice versa. Here are some of the best and worst drinks for weight loss:
The best drinks for Weight Loss

1. Water

Water is definitely the best drink for weight loss. It can help to preserve the feeling of satiety for a longer period and reduce your appetite. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Studies have found that drinking water before getting your meals helps to eat less. In addition , new research suggests that drinking water may have a positive effect on your metabolism . It is estimated that increasing your water intake by two cups a day can cause a 30% increase in metabolic rate , which in return increases the number of calories you burn .

2 . Green tea

Green tea is useful of the process of losing weight . It’s components may help in speeding up your metabolism and reduce your appetite , and so will help in the weight loss .
It is recommended to drink green tea twice a day for best results.

3 . Vegetable juice

You can drink a low in sugar juices like the vegetables which are natural and high in fiber, It helps in reducing your appetite, and then eating less food.
It was proved that drinking 1 cup of vegetable juice before getting your meal may cut down the consumption of calories by 30% .

4 . Green smoothie

Green smoothie is one of the high in fiber and low in fat drinks. It is simple and easy making juice. Just add fresh vegetables , water and ice in a blender , and blend well .
To make a healthy and delicious smoothie it is recommended to use apple ( with peel ) , blueberries , raspberries , bananas , celery , carrots, cucumbers, and all leafy greens such as spinach , lettuce , turnip .

5 . Coconut water

It is a great alternative for most of the commercial juices and energy drinks that contain a lot of calories and sugar, which can help in gaining weight.


Worst drinks for Weight Loss:

1 . Sodas

Soda is not an advisable drink for weight loss , it contains lots of sugar and calories so it will lead to weight gain and obesity.

2 . Energy drinks

It is about the same amount of sugar in soda. It is recommended not to drink it , it will be enough to drink once from time to time.

3 . Coffee

Coffee with a little amount of sugar and skimmed milk may not be too bad. Coffee with cream and sugar contains carbohydrates and fats. It is preferably to drink coffee at home and use a small amount of fats,
You can use the low fat milk and calories free sweetening not to gain weight.

4 . Whole milk

The Whole milk contains a lot of calories that can damage your weight loss program , it can be replaced by the skim-milk instead .

5 . Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are loaded with empty calories , which may slow down the body’s ability to burn fats , making your weight loss goal difficult to achieve .

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