Chocolates may helps to lose weight

Chocolates may helps to lose weight
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American study  included 1,000 people from that ate chocolate a few times a week concluded that their weight was less than those who did not eat it only rarely .

The researchers said that the results which were published in the journal (Archives of Internal Medicine) does not prove that eating a slice of chocolate a day will help in weight loss also did not specify the total amount of chocolate that can make a difference.

A team of researchers led by ” Beatrice Julumb ” from the University of California said that  ” the antioxidants in chocolate may be the reason behind the health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol in addition to reducing the weight of the body ”

Julumb added “People assume that chocolate including calories and it is usually eaten as a dessert .. Therefore, the main impact is only a bad influence.”
Julumb and her team hired data from a study on cholesterol-lowering drugs that included 1,000 adults in good health to get back on the usual habits of eating, including the number of times you eat the chocolate.

The researchers found that those who ate chocolate frequently tended to eat more calories in total compared with those who ate in a limited way, but they also found that chocolate lovers were less weight.

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