Delicious juices for unusual diet

Delicious juices for unusual diet
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Away from diet recipes that sometimes may make you bored , here is a selection of delicious juices which support you in the process of weight loss

Berry Juice with soy milk:

Contents : 2 cups raspberries , ½ Cup skim milk and 1 cup soy milk .

Contents of this juice is rich in vitamin c and fiber. In addition to soy milk whic is rich in protein , berry contains antioxidants and lots of useful fibers in the process of reducing weight

Fruit juice with yogurt:

Contents : 2 cups of yogurt, seasonal fruits and one spoon of vanilla .

fruits contains a set of useful minerals and fiber for weight loss

Watermelon juice:

Content : Watermelon, 6 cups low-fat milk and a cup of yogurt .

This juice is rich in iron, vitamin A and C, calcium and proteins .

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