Green Tea Benefits For Health And Weight Loss

Green Tea Benefits For Health And Weight Loss
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No argument about the red tea (black) is the most widespread and popular specially in Arabian countries, but have you ever thought of trying to test green tea? And do you still drinking it? Perhaps your answer is no, but the reason is taste which resembles the taste of Mallow? Don’t be surprised if it was reported to have likened this opinion is similar, but despite the availability of many different tastes and flavors of green tea such as Moroccan mint tea or Jasmine tea, but if you know the benefits of it which will be addressed in this topic, for sure you will change your opinion turns into addiction from red tea to green tea,however breeding and exaggerate anything is not desirable for a bad impact on health.

Initially what is green tea? And what is the difference between it and Red tea? the answer is very briefly on both types is extraction of tea tree but the difference between the red tea, green tea is that green tea is dried before filling it out while other tea leaf oxidation or Fermentation, produces a red tea, hence the conclusion that green tea retains all the benefits of tea in it, as much as possible, while red tea is lacking for many benefits that will be contained in the subject briefly and concisely as Possible.

Benefits of green tea in dieting

Green tea contains phenols compounds that stimulate the enzyme responsible for dissolving triglycerides that are supposed to be transported via the bloodstream to the body’s tissues For energy production, But the clutter leads to the accumulation of excess to become fat and cause weight gain. Therefore, green tea has an excellent ability to get rid of the fat that accumulates in the abdomen and buttocks but in the long term.
As Green tea contains algalik acid which helps increase the metabolism of the body and then store less fat and caffeine available by working to stimulate the central nervous system to use stored fat in the body as a source of energy accumulated in the middle and then get rid of the excess water in the body.
In addition to these benefits, green tea works to stimulate muscle and liver cells Of fatty acids which leads to less carbohydrate consumption over time and makes the body more tolerant on exercise and therefore burn more calories and fat, has been shown through the experience of tea extract Green on laboratory rats which had increased their ability to swim by 24%.
To all the above said Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a professor at the University of Michigan “in his interview with Oprah Winfrey” green tea instead of coffee Can lose weight approximately 4.5 kg within 6 weeks only, and justified so that coffee increases the rate of insulin and glucose in the body while green tea to the contrary. For more information on the benefits of tea Green slimming are recommended to visit the theme: benefits of green tea fat burning.

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