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Mint helps to lose weight.

  • Eman Elkholy
Mint helps to lose weight.
Mint helps to lose weight.
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A study conducted at the University of Wheeling in West Virginia in the United States, that those who consume mint steadily burn approximately 2800 calories per week .

According to a study of the researcher Bryan Raudenbush, the smell  or the increase in the consumption of mint affects brain activity in the region which controls alertness.

The study also found a decrease in hunger associated with the inhalation of peppermint oil, As mint helps to increase the feeling of fullness and satisfaction after eating, Eating peppermint, either inhaled or swallowed, it will help to reduce appetite and cravings for food.

Mint doesn’t help only to lose weight, it is useful internally in the body too, Mint can helps to eliminate the particles of exotic in the internal organs, and ease of digestion by calming the stomach and relax the muscles of the intestines, which can help eliminate cramps, and peppermint helps in the treatment of nausea and heartburn, and reduce the production of bacteria in the stomach.

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  • I put dates in oatmeal, cut up dates, add to water, bring it to boil, add oatmeal, cook for 3-4 minutes – makes an excellent breakfast with orange juice.

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