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One liter of water per day is the easiest way to lose weight

  • Eman Elkholy
One liter of water per day is the easiest way to lose weight
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Drinking Water reduces the feeling of hunger and reduce the amount of needed food .

A recent German study showed that drinking a  glass of water before a meal can helps in reducing weight, the study published in the American Journal of clinical nutrition, found that middle-aged and elderly persons who consumed two glasses of water before a meal Lost 2 kilograms of weight during the study period, compared with those who did not take the water, another study showed a strong relationship between drink one liter of water and decrease weight.

To find out the mechanism that affects the water to lose weight, The researchers reviewed previous studies that focused on knowledge of the effect of water on weight loss and found a clear relationship between the water intake and weight loss.

So far the researchers couldn’t find a clear explanation of the impact Water to lose weight, but they believe that drinking water before a meal can reduce the appetite and the feeling of hunger, reducing the intake of large amounts of food and calories, or the water causes an increase in the loss of energy, causing Decrease weight.

Despite not knowing the exact mechanism on the effect of water on weight loss, researchers are advised to take water as an alternative to juices and soft drinks with food.

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