Top 10 Weight Loss Diet Shakes And Drinks

Top 10 Weight Loss Diet Shakes And Drinks
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I’m introducing best weight loss shakes for you to get rid of the overweight and the large abdominal fat and buttocks with those top 10 shakes from the experiences of  a lot of people within few months you can start getting an excellent results and actually its can made at home easily and be just a normal life habit to drink daily as you will enjoy the taste as well.

Note very important : –Don’t over use those shakes as there is some components may cause some side effects like the “Ginger” when over-drinking it will cause a low blood pressure and cough.

  1. Ginger , Mint, Cumin and Green Tea Shake

    Its the most famous drinks to burn fat and slimming.

    How to prepare:

    Mix one cup of cold water with a mixture of a teaspoon of peppermint , ginger , cumin, green tea
    Then mix it well and boil it for about 10 minutes , then empty the mixture in a suitable cup and then cover it for 3 minutes until to keep its volatile oils and finally drink this mixture daily with a maximum of 3 times a day .

  2. Green Tea

    All experiments and research on green tea proved to be effective in burning fat if drinking it once a day for a week , it burns between 35 % to 40 % of the fat.

    How to prepare:

    A boiling water until 100 ° C and put boiling water on green tea then cover it for 3 minutes to cool and then drink.

  3. Jillian Michael’s Drink

    Story of Jillian Michael is that she was really fat, and after drinking a shake daily for a certain period of time the lost alot of body fat and gained a slim healthy body and since then that shake is known in America and Europe as Jillian Michael’s Drink and its even became very famous in slimming and weight loss.

    How to prepare:

    The following amounts are mixed with each other and drink once a day at any time for a week.
    One Cup of water,One tablespoon sugar,One tablespoon cranberry juice,One the roots of dandelion tea bag,Two tablespoon lemon juice.

  4. Iced Water

    Of course the kids will be the most happy person of hearing so as they love the taste of ice water ! ! !
    Preferably it is important to drink 10 cups of ice water daily for a week at least.
    The reason for Scientific and Medical of drinking iced water is that the body keep burning calories to maintain the the temperature difference of iced water with your body temperature. Now you know why celebrities drinking alot of water especially the iced water ???

  5. Vegetable Juice

    Its not very famous drink, and does not matter to be replaced with fresh vegetables salad however its very important to eat salads or drink vegetable juice before eating your main meals.

  6. Boiled Orange and Lemon

    Drink twice a day the mixture of boiling orange & lemon .

  7. Skim Milk

    Its Really prefered to drink skim milk once a day because of the effects of a great weight-loss and fat-burning because it contains calcium that helps to burn fat very intensively .

  8. pineapple juice and kiwi

    If you want to have loss 5 pounds in two weeks you just need to drink pineapple juice and kiwi once a day for two weeks

  9. Boiled Parsley

    Among the benefits of parsley on the kidneys and various human body parts it also helps in slimming by giving you the feeling of Satiation and thus you won’t eat a lot and of course then your body will start burning the reserved fats and losing weight as well.

  10. Lemon and cumin

    Cut a lemon into Rings and Soak it with a little of cumin throughout the whole night about 10 hours or something, and when you wake up drink before drinking or eating anything, do it daily in the morning and you’ll feel a big difference after a short period.

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