Use the pomegranate peel to lose weight!!

Use the pomegranate peel to lose weight!!
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Use the pomegranate peel to get rid of excess weight that puts you in troubles and embarrassment, and in the below lines we introduce you to make the pomegranate peel mixture , and show you how to use it.

The components

A cup of water, a tablespoon of a dried and ground pomegranate peel a tablespoon of ground ginger, a handful of green tea, or two sheets of  fresh mint .

How to prepare

Put the ground pomegranate peel , the ground ginger and green tea in a large cup and pour the boiling water until almost filled. Add the mint leaves and leave the mixture in order to interact and rest for 7 minutes.

How to use

Drink this mixture in a daily basis ,  in the morning before eating anything and you will notice the weight loss, especially in the abdominal area.
In addition to the benefits of slimming, pomegranate peel as well as contribute to the protection of the heart and arteries as it adjusts the proportion of fat and cholesterol in the blood, not to miss inserted into your daily diet.

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