Whole milk helps in weight loss

Whole milk helps in weight loss
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Whole milk Great benefits for body slimming .

Medical studies and researches have confirmed that drinking whole milk helps in weight loss as it contains saturated fat and nutrients contribute to appetite control and the feeling of satiety.

And as per the studies of  Professor Phil Limbert ”  supervisor of the study and an expert in the food industry ” , The whole milk is one of the drinks which contains nutritious and almost one-third of the daily ration of the recommended daily intake of calcium, pointing to its importance in building muscles .

Limbert explained  that all kinds of milk typically contains 12 or 13 grams of carbohydrates, all of which come from lactose and this fat in whole milk useful for people who suffer problems in blood sugar.

Researches have proven the importance of milk products in slimming and lose excess weight and maintain it as it plays an element calcium content which play an important role in the process of slimming , studies have shown that the weights of people who drink about three cups of milk were below 7 kilos of weights of people who did not take these supplements .

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