7 Reasons for eating almonds daily in your diet

7 Reasons for eating almonds daily in your diet
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We often hear from doctors  specialized in nutrition and slimming about the need to eat nuts carefully during diet, but everyone agrees that almonds is a basic and effective element in any successful diet , Here are 7 important reasons makes almond a key component  in your diet:

1 – Almonds Contains a large amount of magnesium, as it controls the sugar level in the blood. It maintain a balanced level of magnesium in the body which leads to maintaining the reasonable level of insulin, which reduces the feeling of hunger

What is not really known among people, that magnesium controls in 200 enzyme which are responsible for the Metabolism (calories burning) , In addition , eating almond helps the body to relax , de-stress and improve the ability to sleep .

2 –Almonds contains a good percentage of potassium, which reduces the ability of water retention in the body , so eating almonds – rich in potassium – helps you to get rid of the excess weight caused by the water retention in the body .

Also potassium helps to reduce the joint’s pain while doing exercises and playing sports, improves digestion and reduces the feeling headaches caused by harsh diets.

3 – Almond contains vitamin B which is one of the favorite foods recommended to improve mood, make your body full of energy and fight stress and tension.

4 – Its small size makes it easy to put a little in your pocket eat it as a snacks when you feel hungry , also sometimes can be added to a dish of green salad or fruit salad which is enough to reduce the feeling of hunger for the rest of the day.

5 – The Almond is an important source of the unsaturated fats , which will help you to lose weight , especially the abdominal area, it also reduce your waist when you eat it frequently. It is true you can eat unsaturated fats from many other sources like avocado or olive oil, but almond considered the most beneficial and the less calories.

6 – From one of the most important reasons that make it a favorite snack, it has fewer calories as It is considered less kinds of nuts has calorie

A quarter cup of almonds contains 150 calories, only a quarter cup of almonds is the quantity that you need a day to get the full benefits in your diet and your health .

7 – A quarter cup of almonds contains 7 grams of protein, which makes it healthy to add an additional source of protein in the diet.

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