8 habits may help you to lose weight quickly!

8 habits may help you to lose weight quickly!
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These are some of the bad habits  and how you can replace it with a healthy and simple ones to help you to lose weight quickly …

1- Avoid adding creamer in your coffee:

كريمة مع القهوة

Coffee without any additions is a drink almost free of calories, but – in many cases –  adding some additions can make it contain up to 670 calories! Especially if it contained a large amount of whipped cream and whole milk in addition to the beverage.

It is advisable to those who wish to reduce their weight not to add any additions , and If You Can not totally abandoned it , you can use less amount of additions .

2 – Use smaller plates:

اطباق اصغر

Replacing your 12-inch plate with a 10-inch one means you will eat from 20 to 25% less than regular amount, which is one of the useful tricks to reduce the amount of daily eating.

3 – Beware of hidden oils:

                                                                                                                 زيت الطعام

One spoon of oil Contains 125 calories, so make sure to minimize its use as much as possible when cooking . Usually the food cooked by steaming or boiled be more preferable for weight loss.

4 – Walking and physical movement:


Walk for at least 30 minutes a day or Replace the elevator with the stairs or play any kind of sports.

5 – Tricks to feel satiety with less food:


The idea of ​​a feeling of satiety by eating less food contain less calories is one of the good ideas that will help to minimize eating during meals and therefore more weight loss. An example is that eating two well boiled eggs at breakfast, or a cup of low-calorie soup before lunch or dinner.

6 – Do not eat chips or crackers in the large size:


Because it would simply look attractive too much until its end ! Preferably put the proper amount of it in a bowl or  counting the amount you eat not to be more than 15 tablets.

7 – Drinking water:

شرب الماء

Make sure to drink 8 glasses of water a day, water is totally free of calories which contribute to the disposal of sediments and toxins in the body, as you can add lemon slices and mint leaves to change the taste and avoid boredom.

8 – Sugar-free or low-calorie drinks :


Getting sugar free drinks or use a low-calorie sugar, which is one of the useful alternatives to reduce the amount of calories per day.

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