Almond’s negative and positive effetcs on diet

Almond’s negative and positive effetcs on diet
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Eating a Small quantity of almonds usually fit well into most diets, but eating too many can cause side effects. Understanding the risks helps you appropriately plan your diet and avoid gaining weight .

Eating a large quantity of almonds can make u gain weight because these nuts are high in calories and fat ” 163 calories and 14 g of fat per ounce” . You gain 1 Kg if you consume 3,500 calories above what you burn, so adding just 500 calories to your diet each day for a week can make you gain weight. If you consume approximately 90 g of almonds each day without counting for them in your meal plan, you can gain 1 Kg in a week. Even though the fat in almonds is primarily healthy fats, eating 90 g. of almonds introduces 42 g of fat into your diet. Limit your fat consumption to 20 to 35 percent of your daily calories, or 44 to 78 g if you follow a 2,000-calorie diet, to avoid weight gain.

Almonds Contain Vitamin E

Including almonds in your diet provides you with vitamin E, which offers antioxidant protection. You get 7.4 mg of vitamin E per ounce of nuts,  half the amount you need each day.


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