Chilli is a friend of your weight

Chilli is a friend of your weight
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You may be surprised that chilli have hidden role in weight loss.

Researchers have found that the heat generated by chilli can actually increase your consumption of calories , they recruited 34 men and women who were willing to consume a very low-calorie liquid meal replacement product for 28 days..

The researchers then randomly chose the subjects to take either  pills or supplements containing the non-burning  pepper.

Their data provided convincing evidence that, at least for several hours after the test meal was consumed, energy expenditure was significantly increased in the group consuming the highest amount of  the non-burning  pepper.

They were also able to show that non-burning  pepper significantly increased fat oxidation, pushing the body to use more fat as fuel. This may help people lose weight when they consume a low-calorie diet by increasing metabolism.


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