Goat cheese .. Healthy cheese first!

Goat cheese .. Healthy cheese first!
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Goat cheese is cheese made from goat’s milk, It is the first healthy choice  between different types of cheeses, which we have to be careful to eat it at least once a day , As goat milk is closer in composition to mother’s milk.

Goat’s cheese has many health advantages which can be summed up as follows:

– Goat cheese contains less amount of  milk sugar”  lactose ” and so it is preferable than cow’s milk cheeses specially for those who are suffering from lactose intolerance.

– The amount of fats – specially saturated fat – in the goat cheese is  almost half the amount of fats found in other types of cheese made ​​of cow’s milk, so it is an ideal choice for those who follow weight loss program, for example, One piece of goat cheese (30 g approximately) contains 3 g of saturated fats compared with 6 grams of cheddar cheese, it is virtually free of cholesterol , compared to 25 g in cheddar cheese.

– One piece of goat cheese contains 70 calories while containing one piece of cheddar cheese  110 calories and substituting cheddar cheese by goat cheese , we can avoid approximately 300 calories per week.

– What distinguishes goat cheese also its low content of sodium, which is a component that causes the increase of high blood pressure and heart disease. One serving of goat cheese contains  65 mg Sodium while containing one serving of cheddar cheese  170 mg of sodium that the maximum allowable sodium is 1500 mg per day.


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