Grape leaves and fast weight loss .

Grape leaves and fast weight loss .
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Grape leaves are contained different kinds of simple sugars or mono, such as glucose and fructose, a carbohydrate which is easy to digest and  do not convert to fat as the liver store it until needed

Grape leaves is characterized by its important role in supplying the human body with the needed energy as it is considered rich in calories ” ranging from 60 to 260 calorie per 100 grams ” according to the type of grape also contains fiber that prevent constipation and regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the body.

Grape paper also contains organic acids such as tartaric , malic ,  citric and nicotinic , These organic acids found in grapes can equivalent the harmful acids resulting from the digestion of some foods such as meat, fish, eggs, fats

The grape helps to lose weight 

Add 50 grams of dry powdered grape leaves to a liter of cold water and then place it on a low heat and leave it to boil and after it start boiling , put it away from heat and keep it for 15 minutes , then be filtered drink 1 cup after each meal then you will lose weight.

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