Honey helps to lose weight .

Honey helps to lose weight .
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You may not believe that honey is able to help you to get rid of excess weight and pounds accumulated in your body, yes it can !

– Substitute honey for sugar:

The ability of honey on desalination outweigh the sugar-fold times, it is about  few calories that you may get after drinking a cup of tea or a cup of coffee with honey, being contains enzymes facilitate digestion process and solve any problems associated with it, as it strengthens your immune system, and absorbs moisture from bones which keeps its strength and validity.

– Honey Cocktail  dissolves the fat:

Early in the morning, before breakfast, drink a cup of hot water and the amount of half a teaspoon of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey, and get the benefit of the ability of this cocktail in fat melting .

– Honey is  excellent before and after exercise:

A spoonful of honey will give you the energy to do the exercises for a long time without getting tired, and another spoon after the exercises would give you back the energy that you spent. It is known that a teaspoon of honey contains 60 calories only!

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