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How to fit your wedding dress ?

  • Eman Elkholy
How to fit your wedding dress ?
How to fit your wedding dress ?
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The wedding is a dream for any bride who usually wants to look perfect in her wedding dress.

But unfortunately Dieting is always tough, but perhaps never tougher than when a woman has the added pressure of planning one of the most important days in her life.

When is the best time to start a diet before wedding?
The amount of time you need really depends on how much weight you want to lose and how many things you want to do ,  If you’d like to drop 10 Kgs., you need at least 5-10 weeks. If you already ordered a dress in a smaller size and haven’t allowed enough time to safely lose the weight you want, you better be sure to have a good tailor or postpone the wedding by a few more weeks.”

The goal is to lose body fat, not muscle . If you lose muscle while you are dieting,  you’ll eventually gain the weight back. In an ideal world, you could safely lose up to 6 Kgs. per month. You can accelerate your weight loss per week by increasing exercise or decreasing caloric intake. If you need to lose 30 Kgs., think smart and start 6 months before your wedding.”

Does the added stress of wedding planning make it harder to lose weight?
The added stress of planning does indeed make it harder to lose weight .When most of us are stressed, we turn to food for comfort.

The trick is to make one’s fitness goals a priority. Treat your ‘get in shape’ program like a part-time job that you have to budget time and energy for every day. The pay off will be better than the money another job could provide .

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