Ice cream diet for ice cream lovers

Ice cream diet for ice cream lovers
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Experts and specialists in the world of nutrition and dieting do not stop at one point, they are always in a constant search for what’s new in the slimming world, especially since obesity has become a worrying phenomenon which is actually spread wide and fast, and the latest trends and innovations in dieting is the diet (ice cream). Yes Dear do not be surprised.

Absolutely you will be happy as soon as you hear about this trend of dieting especially if you’re a sweet lover.
You may be wondering, this kind of sugar-rich foods, how can we have a relationship with diet?

The specialists had innovate the ice cream- diet but they did not neglect the concept of how to use this diet in an appropriate way, you should be mindful to the amount of daily calories appropriate for the body, which leads to weight loss and to be eating ice cream within these calories allowed per day, and that if you want to to obtain the best results.

You dear can eat a medium size spoon of ice-cream you prefer when you have a  sense of hunger , it can be be every two hours with the knowledge that the midi size spoon of ice cream contains 15-21 calories.

D. Neil Solomon ” teacher in the College of Medicine – Johns Hopkins University and an expert in the field of dieting ” conducted an experiment to measure how effective and convenience is this kind of diet , he applied the Ice cream – diet on a number of patients suffering from obesity for two weeks, it was noted that they did lose weight of approximately 4 kilograms.

D. Solomon explained this result saying this  ”  The ice cream gives you a feeling of fullness for longer time of two or three hours in a more moderate than the rest of the types of sweets “.

It is worth mentioning that the ice cream contains large amounts of calcium, which promotes fat burning process in the body and deficiency encourages the body to store fat….

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