Lose excess weight with wheat embryos .

Lose excess weight with wheat embryos .
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Wheat embryos are the live part  in the wheat grain , which is budding to grow and form a new plants .

A large part of the embryos in addition to wheat crust been removed to produce white flour, And in spite of of it constitute of 2.5% of the weight of the wheat grain , but the nutritional value focused in it which dramatically It contains proteins , sugars , some fats and a high amount of the most important vitamins such as vitamin E and b vitamins and minerals such as calcium, in addition to the fiber , the embryos of wheat has therapeutic importance where its oil is used in manufacturing the medicines , and use of embryos for the treatment of many diseases  including obesity and weight loss .

Newly deployed embryos wheat as an ingredient commonly used for weight loss , but How can we add to our daily diet ?

Due to its mild taste and light texture, the embryos of wheat can enter in different varieties of our daily meals, and certainly will not lose weight like a charm or imagination based on wheat germ, but it is a sound step toward a long-term good health.

  • Breakfast: cereal sprinkled over

Take a teaspoon or two of wheat germ and sprinkle on your favorite grains . Thus, the body has got  extra fiber and digestive system was set on the right path for the day.

  • Snack in the morning: embryos wheat with milk shake and fruit

The fiber and fresh fruits give the body a refreshing boost needed for lunch.

  • Lunch: Add wheat embryos to power

Fresh vegetables and sauces health will help the body absorb this component is excellent.

  • Snack in the afternoon : mix with milk

For a snack in the afternoon, can be mixed with milk . This snack is rich in protein and fiber .

  • Dinner : wheat seed sprayed on pizza after preparation

And can be added to the pizza dough , you will get an unexpected flavor . This is the advantage of being quick and easy to turn dinner into a healthy meal unexpectedly .

  • Evening snacks : popcorn and nuts mix

Add wheat germ mixture to popcorn and nuts makes them a healthy snack and ideal for groups .

It is worth mentioning that wheat embryos must be stored in the refrigerator well , as exposing them to heat and light will expose it to corruption and it is better to be stored in deflated bags .

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