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Morning breakfast is your key meal !!

  • Eman Elkholy
Morning breakfast is your key meal !!
Morning breakfast is your key meal !!
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Studies have shown that the widespread belief that ignoring the morning meal may reduce weight and thus becomes the cholesterol in the blood in its natural limits, is a misconception.

On the contrary, The breakfast meal give the body the appropriate power, as many studies have confirmed that eating breakfast in the morning strengthens health, because during sleeping time , the chemical compounds in our bodies are carried out  which is responsible for digesting food of the previous night.

By morning, you were itching to ‘break the fast’ after a period of abstinence from food. And the level of sugar in the blood that we need to run our muscles and brains is low at the time of waking up, so you need breakfast to upgrade it.

The effect on not having morning breakfast !

But what happened when we fail to eat breakfast , says Dr. David Ludwig, an expert on nutrition in Children’s Hospital Boston at Harvard University, we may proceed to the depletion of energy resources, including those found in muscle inside. This does not lead to a feeling of tiredness only, but also leads the attraction of any kind of unhealthy food to eat a piece of it or more, and therefore eat more than necessary.

The number of studies have focused on the issue of keeping the weight, where researchers found that breakfast eaters are, on average, thinner than non-breakfast eaters, that is, put something of proteins and fiber in the early morning, your stomach may curb your appetite during the day.

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