Sushi and diet can meet ?

Sushi and diet can meet ?
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What  you do not know that eating sushi, regardless of whether it will spoil you your diet, it is one of the most species-rich foods which have a lot of  benefits to your health .

This article explain what we concerns regarding fish and seafood to a healthy diet and to fight hunger. But what is essential is not choose cut of sushi randomly.

  • Sashimi is your best choice: If you are a seafood lovers, you can eat about 6 pieces of sashimi, which is about raw fish without additives. (Shrimp, tuna or salmon).
  • Low salt Soy: instead of regular soy sauce request, ask for law sault sauce , do not forget that they are not completely free of salt, but less than 25%  so add it moderately.
  • Vegetables to cheese: Despite how  delicious is the filadelfia cheese rolls sushi , but you have to avoid it and consider it completely dispositive, and change it to a vegetable sushi  which includes different kinds of vegetables , especially cucumbers and carrots
  • Stay away from tempura and teriyaki sauce: Teriyaki consist mainly of sugar, so we advise you to give it up, especially as it is excessively added to the Sushi , tambura is the most dangerous ,  It is a plating fish with flour and fried in oil.

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