The secrets of weight loss .

The secrets of weight loss .
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There are many things that contribute in the weight gain, and other works on the weight loss, the following identify the secrets of the increase and loss in weight:

The causes of weight gain:

Eating disorders

Following a diet program that contain a high calories food and the consumption of large quantities of food filled with fat plays a fundamental role in weight gain, as fats contributes significantly to weight gain.

• Feeling of hunger

People who are overweight may not have access to a feeling of fullness in early stage of food consumption, which leads to eating a large amounts of food.

Lack of doing exercises

It may lead to an increase in weight; because they are burning calories instead of being stored in the body as fat.

The secrets to lose excess weight:

• Exercise and movement

It helps to burn excess calories, you will not find the benefit any diet programs to reach the ideal weight unless it be accompanied by activities, whether in the form of daily workout or engage in the sport in any way.

• Avoid eating while watching TV

Getting your meals while watching TV means that you may not be able to know the amount of food you consider taking.

• Cut down on fried foods

• Avoid eating junk food.

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