Ways to combat eating greedily !

Ways to combat eating greedily !
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Have you ever ate a bulk of fried potato chips while you’re not hungry?

If so, you are considered among the millions who are victims of mindless eating. This is the psychologist  Brian Wansink’s word  to describe the unconsciously eating habits that can lead to weight gain.

You can usually convert mindless eating to better eating habits and perhaps even help in weight loss simply by making small changes such as eating in smaller plates. At the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association , Wansink describes his experiences in mindless eating strategies and ways to eat better.

Big dish = Big meal largest

” One of the problems that we face is that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, says Wansink

He also said that when he asked a random sample of 150 people when you realize that you are done with your dinner meal , the answer was that when we feel satiety, and when asked the same question to another sample of 150 people from different  the answer was that when emptying the dish!

Other trials have shown that the size of the dish affects the amount of food intake . Wansink says ” do not depend on the stomach to tell you when the saturation they may sometimes lie “.

The Solution:

To fight mindless eating , you must get rid of the things in the environment around you on the spot and that pushes drive you toward overeating, such as:

1. Get meals in smaller plates instead of the large one.

2. Try to keep the dessert dishes away from your sight and make the healthy food at your fingertips .

3. Eat in the kitchen or in the dining room, not in front of the TV.


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