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Body Fat Loss Monitor – Omron ” model HBF-306C(Black) ” Review

  • Eman Elkholy
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Product Description

The Omron Model ”  HBF-306C Body Fat Analyzer ”  measures your body fat with a gentle, micro electrical current . The way to reach the better results possible of the long-term exercise success is accurate body fat composition measurement.
The Omron Model ”  HBF-306C Body Fat Analyzer ” is an affordable and easy way to measure your body fat with no need to go out of home. simply hold the grip electrodes and pressing the start button to start a measurement . Since the analyzer is built with a nine person profile memory, each member of your family or team can track the success of their individual exercise routines.
For accurate results , The HBF-306C features two modes ” athlete and normal “. The device is a breeze to use, and it returns measurement results in seven seconds for both Bi method (Bio electrical Impedance Method) and BMI (Body Mass Index).
The unit displays the measured value of your body fat percentage through the BMI method, and indicates the body mass in for ranges from low, normal, high, and very high according to the BMI value.
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