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Cookies dieting !!

  • Eman Elkholy
Cookies dieting !!
Cookies dieting !!
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Imagine that you can lose weight quickly without feeling hungry by eating delicious cookies all day !

What are the foundations of this Dieting?

Eat the quantity that you want of cookies daily instead of the normal meals , but you have to pay attention to the cookies which we are talking about, those are not the usual rich in carbohydrates and sugar, which we find in the supermarket, but we mean by a special kind of cookie that has for introducing Dr. Siegel.

What distinguishes this kind of cookies from other cookies?

Cookies that contain a combination of all food ingredients that you need it, but without the high calorie or high percentage of carbohydrates as fat. For optimal result, such a structure is working to curb the appetite and keep the feeling of hunger.

For the success of this diet, all what you have to do is to eat one meal during the day, which should consist only of animal proteins such as chicken with no fats , red meat, fish, and turkey.

On the other hand, you can eat the amount you want from these types of cookies. It is worth mentioning that it is essential that eating 6 beads of cookies a day, at least against drinking 9 cups of water.

The effectiveness of this diet is indisputable, but the ability to continue with that considered the weakest point. But who knows, if you love the cookies too much , this may be the kind of diets is optimized for you!

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