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Unusual Diets That Works

  • Hesham Fathi
Unusual Diets That Works
Unusual Diets That Works
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There are many unfamiliar diets programs,But the big question is , Are these new diets work ? Mostly works and leading to a fast lack of fats and sometimes so great lack in weight . However , this shortfall occurring on the kilos , which will revert to sneak into the body again at the end of these diets .
More worryingly , many of these rages in diets based on the wrong hands science or information that is not based on any research . These diets which give us new practices like unhealthy eating , may lead us to diseases . Therefore , Health authorities warn of following common diets that said to be compound , as it is not based on scientific evidence .
So it did not lead to weight loss in the long term , according to the reports . Here are some of the problems related to these unfamiliar diets , as well as tips on healthy eating and how to lose weight healthily . Many of these diets , especially extreme ones , largely addressed to reduce people’s calories .
Nutrition experts say that extreme diets make people feel very unwell , and properly they are unable to work , because it is unbalanced in terms of nutrients , and consequently it leads to poor health in the long term . Some diets recommend cutting out some foods , such as meat , fish , dairy products or wheat .
The entirely dispensing of some food groups can prevent a person from getting important nutrients and vitamins needed by the body to be healthy. A person can be reduced weight without the exclusion of food from his diet . There are some diets are very poor in carbohydrates , which are the essential source of energy . And while it may reduce weight by using these types of diets , but they are often have a high content of fat and protein , which may lead to diseases .


Low-carbohydrate diets can cause side effects , such as bad breath , Headaches and constipation . It has been suggested that the high protein content of this kind of diets inhibits appetite and keep you away of feeling hungry .
Many of these types of low-carbohydrate diets help us to eat foods rich in saturated fat , like butter and cheese and meat . And that overloaded eating of the saturated fat , can raise cholesterol , and increases the heart disease and stroke . Eliminate toxins diets are based on the idea that toxins accumulate in the body , and it can be removed from eating , or not eating certain foods . But , there is no evidence that toxins accumulate in our body, if it is true , We will feel extremely unwell .
Eliminate toxins diets may lead to weight loss , because it involves determining the calories and the entirely exclusion of certain foods , such as wheat or dairy products , and eat a very limited range of foods . Experts say about eliminating toxins diets that It doesn’t benefit , and it is , In fact , a modified form of the fast .
Some unusual diets based on eating one food item , or eating one meal , such as cabbage soup or raw foods . There are other diets which launche’s abnormal suits , for example , You must exclude a certain foods from your diet but it must based on your blood type .
Often there are no evidence , or it is weak , to support these allegations . Experts say , When you follow diets of this type for long periods , It is unbalanced diets and it is harmful to health . It may reduce a person’s weight in the short term , but it is much better to gradually decrease the weight of the person is in good health condition . The only way to lose weight in a healthy and avoid obesity , Is making permanent changes in eating and doing exercise .
Some small adjustments , as eating less and choose a few fat and sugar drinks , can help to lose weight . There are also plenty of ways to make the physical activity a part of the lives of the people .
If you are overweight , you must aim to lose about 5-10% of the weight that you had before diet, and this will be by the loss of half a kilogram to one kilogram per week . As you should be able to lose this amount if you reduce calories intakes of almost 500 to 600 calories about your daily need .

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