Water Diet Plan For Losing Weight

Water Diet Plan For Losing Weight
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Many women tends to follow water diet plan and especially when they want to decrease their weight quickly and without additional effort.

Water helps the body a lot to get rid unnecessary materials and fats which is the opposite of belief that it leads to swelling of the stomach , drinking large quantities of water helps the body to lose weight and burn greater amounts of fat , by raising the level of metabolism.

How it works :

The idea of diet water is to drink 4 cups of water each of 160 ml capacity while your stomach is empty and not eat any food, but after 45 minutes, taking into account increasing amount of water gradually.
Water works to relieve the sensation of hunger It fills the gastrointestinal, giving a feeling of fullness.
Drinking water in sufficient quantities, prevents deposition of fat in the body, so that the transfer of the largest possible amount of waste and fat out of the body especially the fats that known as paper-fats.

Water Weight Loss Diet Plan

Its highly recommended to follow a balanced diet while following the water diet as well, to balance the amount of water entering the body and the amount of water emerging from it through sweat.
It should be noted that this balance accelerates the process of burning calories and allows the liver to deal with unwanted fat efficiently.
Start drinking 4 cups until they reach 10 and then continue to drink the same amount of water for the duration of the diet .
Drink water at any time throughout the day and not count the other liquids such as tea , coffee or soft drinks and juice.

Drink water before eating about half an hour, it helps you lose the desire to eat.
Should not drink half the amount specified in the day and replaced the next day , because that will lead to an imbalance in the body fluids entering and leaving .

Do not eat fatty foods or calorie-rich , but must eat in moderation with a lot of vegetables and fruit.
You should not stop drinking water when you reach the desired weight , because the body needs to 10 cups a day to maintain the weight you reached .

Do I have to drink water warm or cold ?

The most common beliefs about the wrong diet is warm water helps to burn fat faster. But specialists proved that the cold water helps to lose weight more effectively than warm water and due to the fact that the body immediately after receiving any liquid or food adjusts the temperature .
So when drink cool water your body will immediately raise the temperature , leading to increased burn rate and makes it produces a larger amount of sweat then feels that he needs to drink the amount of water to replenish .

Water Diet health benefits

It is known that water have a lot of benefits for human life in general, water is a close relationship with all the interactions that occur within the body and here is the summary of its benefits :

  1. Fights overweight problem and rids the body of fat.

  2. Protects the body from the appearance of wrinkles and dehydration.

  3. Helps the kidneys to function better and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

  4. Treats headaches , blood pressure and anemia.

  5. Treats urinary related diseases.

  6. Handles hyper acidity and gastric membrane inflammation and constipation.

  7. helps women in irregular menstruation.

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