Breath test for the detection of susceptibility to obesity!

Breath test for the detection of susceptibility to obesity!
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Breath tests are considered a way to diagnose and detect some problems Threatens our lives. But what is new is that it is possible to predict obesity by breath test which reveals the presence of some microorganisms in the digestive tract that are associated with weight gain.

Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Magazine published a study which had been conducted in April 2013, the study showed that high concentrations of hydrogen and methane in the breath is an indicator associated with obesity.

Researchers from Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles have found  four patterns when they analyzed the breath of 792 people and the result was as follows :

Normal breathing, high concentrations of methane, high concentrations of hydrogen or high concentrations of methane and hydrogen together. And accompanied by high hydrogen and methane with high body mass indices (BMI) and high body fat percentage.

The production of the methane in the body depend on a type of bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract (Methanobrevibacter smithii), and when increasing its counting helps in increasing the extraction of nutrients and calories from food , leading to weight gain.

Not less than 1000 chemical compound have been identified in the human breath . The deviation from the normal rates of these compounds may indicate certain diseases . There are some breath tests known such as the test to detect alcohol , six breathing tests  have been  medically approved  by the Food and Drug Administration , such as a test to determine lactose intolerance , or to determine the response to asthma medications , and test determines the body’s rejection of transplanted organ , and other tests .

It is also known that bad breath smell can indicate to diabetes, digestive problems , kidney disease or liver disease .

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