Dieting and its effect on pregnant

Dieting and its effect on pregnant
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Usually pregnant women gain more weight during pregnancy, so some women who used to maintain weight during pregnancy may turn to diet in this period which may cause a serious life risk for pregnant and bad growth for the baby .

But is it possible to keep the pregnant her normal weight during pregnancy? and what are the caveats that you should avoid?

It is better for the pregnant to eat healthy food and practice a simple daily exercise .

Following are advices for pregnant to maintain weight :

  • Practice a simple exercise which is recommended by doctors during pregnancy period . These exercises walking, swimming, yoga, simple for pregnant women, pregnant women should avoid the types of sports that require rapid change in body movement  such as jumping, running, riding and cycling .
  •  Eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals .
  • Avoid excessive dieting during pregnancy because of the dangerous side effects for the health of the baby .




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