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How to accelerate the fat burning process?

  • Eman Elkholy
How to accelerate the fat burning process?
How to accelerate the fat burning process?
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The a metabolic process is considered the  primary goal for those who seek to monitor and control their weight gain, but the speed of how your body burn calories depends on several factors with no doubt . Men tend to burn more calories than that the ladies burn, even during the rest period. It also slows down the metabolism of many people dramatically after reaching the forty age .

Although you can not control your age or your gender or your genes, but you at least can enhance the process of metabolism. Here are some answers to the metabolism

What is metabolic ?

Metabolism refers to the various systems in your body that you can use supply energy in your body. This includes breathing, digestion, muscle building, fat storage and blood circulation. It is also part of the systems that turn it into energy activity of what you need to revive it.

Metabolism includes various types of processes: such a kind of  reactions which involves in building the body’s cells and energy storage, and another kind of reactions which involves in breaking down molecules in the body to get energy ..

What is your metabolic rate ?

«Metabolic rate» is the concept of  the metabolism speed, or the rate at which your body can burn calories. The exact meaning of the word, «metabolic rate»  is how to burn calories when the body is at rest . Men usually have power of burnning 10% higher compared with the ladies. The reason is due to hormones, body tissue and the proportion of their movement.

Is the rate of metabolism become  less when you eat 1,200 calories a day?

Hard diet can affect the rate of fat burning. Studies have shown that people who eat less than 1,200 calories per day are likely to have slower metabolic rate, making it difficult to burn calories to lose weight even for a long time between meals. Therefore, experts recommend eating a small healthy meal or snack every 2 to 3 hours.


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