Smoking and weight gain .

Smoking and weight gain .
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Quitting smoking causes an increase in the body weight.  A new study disclose the main reason of this problem which is actually not because of over-eat and drink.

It is commonly known that smoking is a bad habit and unhealthy, which drives many smokers to find ways to boot it. But it is not an easy task.

The fear of weight gain after quitting smoking is one of the most important reasons and justifications that drive many smokers to continue in this bad habit. Some studies indicates that 80% of smokers who quit smoking gain weight by about seven kilograms, this is a large proportion which makes many of them feel frustrated, and may sometimes lead them to over-eat sweets, chocolates and ice cream.

Swiss researchers found in a new study that calories are not directly responsible for the increase in weight after quitting smoking, the main reason for this is due to changes in the “Flora” intestinal .

The intestinal flora of obese people have a kind of bacteria which is able to convert The food’s energy into fat cells, which contribute to an increased level of fat on the hip and abdomen. The U.S. researches have discovered that the composition of the intestinal flora may affect mainly the weight gain.

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