The effect of testosterone on the grease.

The effect of testosterone on the grease.
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A recent study proved that low levels of testosterone significantly affect the oxidation of fats but have no effect on the production of proteins.

The researchers treated 12 men in a good health with an average age of 23 years using a catalyst for the secretion of the hormone of the reproductive gland in order to stimulate the castration levels of testosterone. After one month , 5 men were selected randomly and been treated with Gel which contains physiological level of  testosterone or an excess level of  testosterone than nature.

The researchers found that the hypogonadism for a short period did not affect the secretion or the concentration of the short position density proteins  , but a decrease of the oxidation of grease was noticed.

The results also showed that testosterone may work through non-genetic methods in the liver, but testosterone should not be considered of the major determinants of the stability of the short position density proteins for men.

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