Weight gain caused by the Friends!

Weight gain caused by the Friends!
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A recent study found that weight gain is usually caused by the Friends!

A recent study published in English Journal of Medicine, proved that people in general can gain weight from obesity overweight close friends, the study lasted for more than 32 years and was followed by more than 12 thousand people during this period, and the results were as follows:

The study concluded that our tend to gain weight and obesity increased by 171 % when our close friends are overweight .

The Theory for this is that people unintentionally tending to the follow the attitude of their close friends , most of their actions , and  their eating habits and their love of food .

Good news were carried by this study is that the opposite is true , that thin people lead obese people to lose weight ! !

It seems that friendship has significant impact in our lives even on our health and sincerity of the proverb ” Tell me who is your friend tell you who you are ” .. !

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