8 Summer Juice For Slim Body

8 Summer Juice For Slim Body
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When it come the summer it’s the juice time . But which juice will help you to slim your body ?  Today we giving you 8 delicious juice that make your body gone slim and perfect .

1.Unsweetened Almond Milk :


If you want to lose weight you should use unsweetened almond milk instead of other sort of milk . Unsweetened almond milk contain 30 calories per cup and not containing  Soy , Sugar , lactose , carbohydrates or gluten and it has more calcium than milk.It also tastes wonderful! And it’s very filling.

2. Stevia :


Stevia plant is the most effective component in diet that you can add to tea , coffee or cocktails . It’s 200- 300 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar) .
When you buy stevia be sure that you choose the 100% white powder .

3. Apple Cider Vinegar :


One cup of  ice water is one of the best drinks in summer , but for make it more healthy and tasty you can add stevia , ginger, lemon or apple cider vinegar .
Apple cider vinegar help to low the sugar level in the blood and prevent the body from keep the fats .

4. Sparkling With Kefir Milk :


kefir has been recognized as a health drink, rich in nutrients, and able to ward off various diseases.It contains a high content of proteins, which is tasteless, but it is never greasy and is considered one of the most important summer slimming drinks.
Kefir free of calories, and should not be used no more than one cup per recipe.
If the person does not like the taste of kefir, you can sweeten with raspberries or strawberries or natural Stevia.

5- Protein Powder :


Add protein powder to a glass of juice or non-animal milk , but you must make sure that is free of artificial sweeteners, sugars and additives.
This powder is preferred after exercise workout to build muscle meager and low weight faster .

6. Watermelon :


Watermelon does not contain a lot of calories, an element of the fantastic summer drinks.And can be used in watermelon own juices or even add it to the ice water to make a refreshing drink.
Watermelon is not only good for the waistline, but health in general.And helps to reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and heart disease.

7. Kiwi :


Although the kiwi does not burn fat directly, but it is an ideal drink for the summer, especially for weight loss.  kiwi is low calories fruit and contain a high content of fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C. And can be added to the kiwi juice and water, and can be used in salads and fruit or eaten raw.
Kiwi helps to reduce levels of the stress hormone, and control of cholesterol in the blood, so that it can fight against wrinkles.

8. Grapefruit :


Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, fiber and lycopene. Grapefruit detoxifies the body and helps in weight loss.It contains a high content of soluble fiber in the water, and helps you feel full longer and avoid overeating.
You can add a few slices of grapefruit into juice, water or eating.

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