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How Blood Sugar Level Affects Your Weight Loss Program

  • Hesham Ebrahim
How Blood Sugar Level Affects Your Weight Loss Program
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In our journey to lose weight, there are too many questions come to our mind, like why are we getting fat? What is the relation between blood sugar and weight gain?Also, what is the meaning of fat program term? And how can we control it? The answer to these questions will remove the veil of what we can’t understand.

Also, what is the meaning of fat program term? And how can we control it? The answer to these questions will remove the veil of what we can’t understand.

In addition, I will show you what are the best foods help you in controlling program fat, and the best exercises you should do to lose weight.

Why are we getting fat?

weight gain

There are different reasons for becoming fat, we become fat because of bad habits of eating, like eating more than the usual, eating foods contain very high percent of calories and not exercising.

But the main and the important reason of becoming fat is blood sugar excess. How can it negatively affect our body?

So let’s talk about blood sugar and the relation between it and weight gain.

What is Fat program? And how can we control it?

fat program

To explain this point I should tell you Sam’s story, Sam is a fat man who has diabetes, in the beginning of his illness his doctor told him that he has blood sugar problems and his fat program is on which make weight gain, What is that mean?!!!

The cycle starts when you eat, your pancreas starts to produce insulin which is the hormone responsible for storing fats in your fat cells, liver cells, and muscles cells.

These fats act as an energy fuel which provides the body with energy when the body requests.

Now, imagine your body as a car, cells as the gas tank and the insulin is the tube connects between the tank and the car engine, when there is stability in insulin percentage in the tube, all things will go in a normal way, when your body needs energy it will requests that from insulin which will run to the fuel tank and unlock the door to give back the sugar.

When the body has blood sugar problem, it becomes less sensitive to hormone insulin and doesn’t respond its request to open cells to store fats. This leads to increasing insulin percentage in the blood stream.

Again think of insulin as the tube connects between the tank and the car, in the case of blood sugar problems the insulin will increase in the tube and the fuel tank (cells) won’t respond its request to give the energy back. Because the insulin resistance will squeeze it thus it’s harder to get the energy back again.

Now, it is time to fight back blood sugar problem, in your opinion, what are successful ways to solve this problem or to decrease its negative effect on our body?

In my opinion, there are two effective ways to resist excess blood sugar, the first one is doing exercises, and the second one is choosing the right foods to eat.

Before that, I am are happy to offer our four best strategies of weight loss.

1- Eat less, eat well:


In the case of having diabetes, the best way to cut calories is eating small portions all day long with keeping the sugar percentage steady in your blood.

2- Adopt the balance in your diet program:

diet program

A big mistake happens when people have diabetes focus on losing calories to reach targeted weight, focusing on calories only can damage you.

Actually, you need to focus on eating protein to support metabolism and muscles, focusing on eating fat to absorb vitamins and carbs to keep energy.

3- beat stress to beat weight gain

stress causes weight gain

Yes, that is what you should to do, being stressed will make you more nervous which produce less amount of insulin and more glucose while your body needs a stable level of insulin in your blood stream and by doing that you will be fat as a result of blood sugar increasing.

4- how exercises help you to lose weight:

doing exercises


Why do you forget this strong weapon? I swear that this weapon is the best one to fight weight gain, it helps you in burning fats, making you always active, decreasing your stress.

Scientifically, exercises give the muscles a good favor by helping it to store glucose without the need for insulin.

Also, it supports the body to respond to the insulin and deal with it with less sensitivity.

Now, it is the time for talking about food, the more delicious point you are waiting for, I guess! So, come with us to know more about power foods which beat blood sugar and cause weight loss.

1-  Apples:

apples and weight loss

In a finish scientific study, people who always eat apples and foods with high level of quercetin has 20% less diabetes and heart diseases death.

The other sources of quercetin are in onions, berries, leafy green vegetables and tomatoes.

2- Cinnamon:


Do you know that a famous study at the human nutrition research center Beltsville, Maryland, said that if you use 1\2 teaspoon of cinnamon every day, you will make your cells more sensitive to insulin?

Plus, it helps your cells to convert blood sugar to energy, not only that but it improves the heart health also.

3- Citrus Fruit:

Citrus Fruit

Studies said that the people who have diabetes have lower levels of vitamin c in their bodies, therefore it’s good to have citrus fruits because antioxidant-packed fruits are a perfect snack choice.

Fruits are full of vitamin c plus it has a low level of fat and a high level of fiber besides delivering a lot of healthy nutrients. So, I think that you will keep it as a main meal for you daily.

4- Cold-water fish:

fresh cold water

According to American diabetes association, heart diseases attack people who have diabetes more than those without illness.

The association studies showed that omega-3 fatty acids are full of diet, which are good fats.

These kinds of fats will be found in cold-water fresh as Alaskan salmon, Atlantic mackerel, and sardines.

It helps to decrease artery-clogging LDL cholesterol and triglycerides while raising levels of HDL.

5- fiber-reach foods:

fiber foods

A scientific study issued from the Texas southwestern medical center showed that people who always eat fiber intake foods daily have good improvements in the level of the blood sugar.A very important information you should know that the high-fiber diet is as effective as diabetes medications.

A very important information you should know that the high-fiber diet is as effective as diabetes medications.

On a daily basis, focus on having a total of 13 serving of a mixture of fruits, vegetables, beans, breads, whole grain pastas, cereals and brown rice.

6- Green tea:

Green tea

Studies showed that the chronic inflammation caused by fat foods, not eating vegetables, fruits, and lack of exercises, can cause heart attacks and decrease the body’s ability to absorb blood sugar.

7- Legumes:


All kinds of legumes, like kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, are great additions to soups, salads, and ethnic dishes.

The advantages of it represent in having a low level of fat, calories, and high level of protein which help to reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

Fiber has a big role in releasing glucose into the bloodstream which prevents increasing the proportion of sugar in the blood which leads to control diabetes.

8- Nuts:


Studies said that people who always eat nuts have the immunity of heart diseases. Also, people with diabetes have a more big risk of heart diseases than others.

The reason for its great utility is not in eating too much because it has a high level of calories, which could harm you.

The dose of it is 2 tablespoons of nuts and sprinkles it on cereal, use this dose daily to benefit from its utility.

9- Chocolate:

dark chocolate

I have just mentioned above that the person who has blood sugar problems has less sensitivity to insulin and a Study issued from Trufts University said that dark chocolate improves insulin sensitivity, so I see that if you have diabetes you should eat dark chocolate – not the white – to beat it.

10- Spinach, Kale, and Collard Greens:


Do you know that green leafy vegetables are good sources of lutein? Lutein has a great benefit for people with diabetes who usually have debilitating eye problems.

These foods are full of fiber, b and c vitamins, iron, and calcium which help you to beat diabetes.


In this article, I showed you everything related to blood sugar problems and provided you with weight loss mechanism.

First, I explained why we are getting fat, and then I gave you detailed information about the fat program. Also, I showed the best strategies to beat diabetes and best foods to the weight loss.


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