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how diabetes can cause weight gain and how can we control it

  • Hesham Ebrahim
how diabetes can cause weight gain and how can we control it
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The only concern of people with diabetes is controlling their weight, and keep the stability of sugar level in the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, there are wrong concepts about diabetes which people think, there is a big difference between diabetes 1 and diabetes 2.

In the following paragraphs I will show you the difference between the two kinds of diabetes and how diabetes cause weight gain, then I will provide some tips to deal with diabetes properly, and in the end, I will correct some mistakes about diabetes treatments.


The relation between diabetes 1 and weight disorders:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

In diabetes the body can’t act properly with blood sugar, the sugar is the main source of energy in our body.

When the body has blood sugar problems the glucose becomes disturbed, in type 1 diabetes the pancreas does not produce enough insulin.

Insulin is the hormone which responsible for controlling blood sugar level which made in the pancreas.

In the case of having diabetes 1, the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin which leads to weight loss.

Glucose starts in increasing in the bloodstream then the body tries to fix the problem by giving the kidneys the order to get rid of it through urine.

Weight loss happens as a result of losing a lot of calories from unused sugar. People with diabetes 1 always lose weight once they treated the weight returns to its normal case.

In diabetes 1 it is preferred to avoid eating more fat than the usual, more fat tissue makes the process of storing fat so hard because the insulin can’t work properly.


The relation between diabetes 2 and weight disorders:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

In this type of diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t work properly like it should, it still makes insulin but the amount of insulin is not enough to control the high level of blood sugar.

Most people who diagnosed with diabetes 2 are overweight because the body can’t get rid of the high amount of sugar in the blood stream.

The obese increases the risk of developing diabetes 2.

what is insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is a case which happens in this kind of diabetes. What actually happen, the pancreas produces insulin but the body can’t use it properly, the amount of insulin in not enough to move glucose to fat cells and muscles.

Then, the pancreas makes more and more insulin to fix this problem, The pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to make the blood sugar suitable.

You can control diabetes 2 by exercising and having a perfect diet. Exercising helps you to reach the required blood sugar level, the diet helps you in weight loss which affect blood sugar positively.

Now it’s time to give you some tips to beat weight gain caused by diabetes.


3 tips you should follow to beat diabetes:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

1- the simplest way to fight diabetes weight gain is to adjust the diet and exercise. Make a call to a good nutrition doctor and to a perfect sports coach to give you all tips you want.

Don’t do the big mistake which a lot of people with diabetes do, they self-adjust the dosage and the timing of insulin to accommodate eating more calories.

By doing that you will only harm yourself and more problems will happen than just losing some pounds.

2- if you can’t achieve weight loss by activities and diets you should take a closer look at the medication you take.

Evaluate the type of insulin you take. The modified human insulin is the latest and it causes weight loss.

Also, there are a lot of medications that you can take instead of and help you in achieving your goal.

Oral diabetes medications and metformin may help you in controlling blood sugar level.

3- ask more questions to your doctor about all reasons of your disease and about all reasons that may cause weight gain.

Also, you should ask him about all medications of diabetes and insulin analogs.

By asking your doctors you will know all information about the disease and will be able to achieve the main core of the treatment plan, I mean weight loss.

Now it’s the time to remove the veil of the mystery of diabetes, in the following paragraphs I will show you 7 myths about diabetes.


Myth 1: you should follow diabetic diet:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

In fact, it is a wrong belief there is no diabetic diet, only you should follow a healthy eating style to maintain a healthy weight which never affects you negatively.

The perfect foods that help you in maintaining weight loss are (vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole green meats, lean, and vegetable oils).


Myth 2: stop eating bread, it harms you:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

It is a misconception to say that eating bread will harm people with diabetes. You can eat bread and other carbohydrates but you should choose the foods which contain a specific level of carbohydrates.

Spread carbohydrates you eat through your day to keep blood sugar suitable.

Also, you can visit a registered dietitian to give you all pieces of advice about your disease and about the perfect foods you should eat.


Myth 3: Avoid sugar to control diabetes:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

Sugar is one of the carbohydrates that provide energy to our body, in diabetes you need to keep your blood sugar as suitable as you can.

You can determine the carbs you consume in each meal by checking the food label, then compare the carbohydrates grams of the food with carbohydrates in your plate.


Myth 4: Eat meat and fats because it has zero carbohydrates:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

In fact eating more meat and fats could cause heart diseases and make your blood sugar unstable.

So why do you having them with their harm affects? If you have type 2 diabetes the risk of heart disease is two to four higher than normal.

Keep your heart healthy by eating plant-based foods.


Myth 5: Drink juices instead of soda:

how diabetes can cause weight gain

It is a very bad mistake when you think that juices have less amount of carbohydrates than soda because juices contain more nutrients than the other.

Juices can raise blood sugar level in your bloodstream which leads to blood sugar problems. Adopt drinking water and other zero-calorie drinks.

you can drink juices only when controlling the carbs percentage you have every day.

In this article we showed you a lot of information about type 1 and type 2 diabetes, then we provided some tips to follow, after that we showed the myths about diabetes. If you have any question tell us, if the article likes you share it.




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