Diversity of food colors for enjoying graceful body !

Diversity of food colors for enjoying graceful body !
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This has been confirmed by several studies, including the study  prepared by Cornell University, where Cornell study confirmed that the amount of food intake which rural Chinese people eat  (they have less weights in the world) is more than 30% of what Americans get , but on the other side , the Chinese people enjoy weighing less by 25% and the reason is due to the diversity of colors in thier food plant sources.

The Japanese people are also known by graceful bodies and this is because they are keen on five main colors at each meal which are Red , green , blue , yellow, black and white, for example of these foods: broccoli, red pepper , zucchini , onions , black beans ( a type of bean is widespread in Asia) and black olives.

And since human nature tends to diversify, so try as much as possible to make this diversification in healthy food based on their colors instead of diversification in the types of fatty food and calorie-rich.

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