Don’t go to sleep if you ate those foods !!

Don’t go to sleep if you ate those foods !!
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Snacks is preferable for many of us before bedtime, actually there is no problem in eating before going to sleep as it is known among people, if only you eat proper foods of proteins or low-fat, but if you want to loss weight,  there are some foods which must be completely avoided .


Ice cream

Of course, ice cream has alot of  fats in its componentsresearch says that eating sugar-filled foods before bedtime causes nightmares.


Pasta is starchy food which produce a lot of energy, and if you want to burn fats while you are sleeping ,this means that you must  eat protein and beneficial fats , it is known that the carbohydrates are very bad because they lead to the spread of fats and elevate the level of sugar in the blood.

French fries

It is fully loaded with carbohydrates and fats, commonly fried foods are difficult to digest and it needs too much effort from the stomach causing some pain that could wake you up at night.


Hamburger is one of the foods that cause high level of blood sugar even more than cakes, and also can cause some problems during sleep time because its components are difficult to digest because of the fats and spices found inside .


Grains contain a high amount of sugar and carbohydrates, we always maintain a distance from the meals that contain both because they cause a rise in blood pressure and blood sugar as well.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a lot of caffeine, it contains many stimulating substances such as the bromine that can make your heart beats growing fast like you are in a race that will keep you awake all night and then you will need time to slow down your heart beats rate in order to sleep .

Fast food

This type of meals is very heavy in fat , which make you feel sluggish when you wake up , it takes a very big effort and the largest in the digestion process during sleep time  .


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