Honey’s benefits in losing weight !

Honey’s benefits in losing weight !
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Recent research revealed in the science of nutrition, that honey is the ideal food for weight loss, and to follow the program depends on the honey as an essential ingredient can lose weight effectively.

Honey contains a unique blend of natural sugars that conducting metabolic inside the body to generate energy make you not obliged to need sugar as in other weight loss programs , It also makes you give up the expensive weight loss foods and the hard starvation plans.

With the help of honey which does not produce any calories, Your body will be able to burn fats during sleep, and can easily lose 1.5 kg of body weight per week.

Researchers explained that following diet program which depends on the honey in the preparing food instead of sugar , you can eat prohibited foods in the usual weight loss programs , such as candy pudding, bread, cakes and biscuits,
And by substituting sugar by honey in food and drinking hot beverage having a large spoon of honey before going to sleep helps the brain to give up the need for a mechanism that sugar spoil any programs to lose weight.

Eating a large spoon of honey in a hot drink before bedtime will be sufficient to reduce tensions at night and allows the body to sleep in a better way so that it can burn fat in a natural way.

Despite the fact that most are classified honey is a bad food in one rank with sugar because it contains elements of fructose and sucrose , but it was convinced that the effect of honey reverse completely , Hundreds of nutrients micro in every spoon of honey may change the way of its interaction with our digestive system , and when you drink a cup of tea sweetened with honey , or even mixing honey with yogurt , the sugar, honey reacts within the body in a manner quite different from white sugar , and this means that the honey makes the body stop work in sending signals to the brain asking for a higher rates of sugar.

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