How Watermelon affect your weight ?

How Watermelon affect your weight ?
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Watermelon is not just a delicious fruit, but it is also the best food to reduce weight in summer.
Watermelon contains few calories which can kill the sensation of hunger for a long time , so for those who are interested in diet, they have to ensure Watermelons in their plan to take its amazing benefits in weight loss.
Fruits are an important part of a balanced diet so you can lose weight in a healthy way as it fills your stomach instead of feeling Hungary, A Cup of watermelon contains 49 calories , while the watermelon – in a normal weight- contain of 20 Cups, So the whole watermelon contains  1,000 calories which is a reasonable number of consumption per day.
If you want to lose weight quickly you should follow this simple rule ” you must eat one kilogram of watermelons for each 10 kg of body weight “. The best thing in this diet is that you won’t be hungry during the diet, because watermelon fills the stomach For a long period , and many people who follow this diet lose between 3-5 kg in a few days.
Watermelon also contains some nutrients such as vitamin c which is  important for the overall health.

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