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Important advises to maintain the face beauty while losing weight!

  • Hesham Fathi
Important advises to maintain the face beauty while losing weight!
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In most cases, the weight loss has its effect on the beauty of your face; it slims the face and makes it lose its freshness if the amount of weight lost was great.

Here 7 tips to maintain the beauty of your face within your weight loss program:

1. Drinking water:

Drinking in sufficient amount of water may cause a dry skin and lose your face freshness, so you have to drink sufficient amount of water daily.

2. Facial massage:

Massage your skin and your face daily to stimulate the circulatory process that gives your face the freshness and health, and reduce the face sagging.

3. Vitamin C:

We advise you to eat food which is rich in vitamin C, like oranges and kiwi because it helps to stimulate the production of the collagen which is necessary for the beauty of the skin a . You can also take supplements of vitamin C.

4. Sports:

Playing sports and doing exercises stimulate blood circulation and gives freshness to the skin and the eyes.

5. Yoga:

yoga exercise relieves stress, calms the nerves and helps to relax , It is essential for the comfort and health of the skin and freshness . So Make sure to avoid nervousness, tension, Play yoga exercise or any other activities that help you to relax.

6. Caviar Mask:

We recommend using Caviar mask because it contains very useful nutrients to flatten the skin and to treat and prevent sagging.

7. Collagen creams:

When choosing skin cream, preferably using collagen -rich creams to protect the skin from sagging and keep it tight and healthy.

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