Low Fat Foods And sugar

Low Fat Foods And sugar
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It is commonly believed that eating low fat food is healthy, but this is not true because most of these foods are full of sugar and sugar is harmful.

There are a list of food’s contents which you have to pay attention to , including Corn Syrup, Honey, Glucose, Molasses, or Maltose which cause the increase of the insulin level and thus will store more fat in your body , our goal here is to reduce the level of insulin secretion as much as possible after each meal, The real reason that people can’t lose their weight is the trick called “low-fat food ” , because they are not put its sugar contents into consideration .

You have to avoid sweets such as ice cream even it is claim that it is sugar free because actually sugar is substituted with honey or Sucrose which is harmful same thing like sugar , and it is recommended eating food including fructose instead of sugar because we consider it a healthy and tastes sweeter even than sugar.

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