Obesity can destroy teeth!

Obesity can destroy teeth!
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It is known that , health is not something that can be purchased, and can not get it back!

In the context of this statement , you may ask one of the main problems facing societies nowadays , namely obesity and its impact on dental health.

Obesity, which is classified as a disease because of its adverse effects on our lives, one of these effects is the risk that increases the chances of heart disease, which constitutes the greatest threat to patients of diabetes,it also may increase the chances of some types of cancers to appear . But the newest effect of obesity on health is that the danger it may cause on teeth and gums.

The bodies that suffer from obesity, produce what is called cytokines, which is a protein used in the processes of signal transduction and communication between cells, they also have a key role in immunological processes and embryonic development. Highlights the importance of cytokines in the types of natural and acquired immunity where intervene in many inflammatory or immune diseases, and thus may hurt the tissues of different parts of the body including the gum tissue or reduce the blood flow to it, leading to the appear of some diseases that may affect them.

The Solution of this problem is reviewing the dentist twice a year to conduct special tests, you must be sure of the safety of the toothbrushes and floss as well as your teeth cleaned, you have to care about its maintaining on a daily basis.

Obesity can destroy the life of people who are suffering of it , and therefore you must deal with obesity as a problem of being so as not to affect our health drastically.

It is not too late to start the change of eating habits, as well as the start of exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle.



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