Weight Loss Stomach Surgery Alternative

Weight Loss Stomach Surgery Alternative
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Ways and tips to reduce the size of the stomach without drugs or surgery will be offered for you and also controlling the daily amount of food that eat as well.

Its very easy to increase of your appetite with the size of your stomach to be increased as well with time and without you notice that you are gaining more extra fat during to eating more than normal to cover the extra empty increased stomach.

Some people think they eat small meals during the day and then eat large meals in the evening they are compensating what they missed throughout the day, it is not true actually because your body needs more energy during your active time during the day and need to rest at night so what you doing actually is totally the opposite of your body needs !!! and you even getting unnecessary extra fats without even eating what you love !!! so its not only about eating healthy food but also following a healthy eating plan as well, and what make worse is to eat big meals before you get to sleep by short time which doesn’t give your body the time to digest what you have just eaten and even you will get more weight.

Here is the steps for losing weight with alternative method to reduce the size of your stomach without surgery or drugs :

  1. First of all you should be doing the measurement for the size of your meals.

    you will be measuring your meals daily for a full week , for example,Use a standard cup for calibrating the rice and pasta and for olive and butter use a standard spoon . then record the amounts of calories contained in your meals.

  2. Controlling the amount of food that you eat for each meal

    Try to slow down while you eating your meal as if eat fast you will keep having the feeling of need for more for to reach satiety, as your brain didn’t have the enough time to realize that you stomach is now full but when you slow down that will allow enough time for your brain and even healthier for your digestion system.

  3. Most of the habits that make you feel you are not eating much that you eat directly from the pack always put the amount that you are about to eat the dish that’s much better for you to feel how much you are really eating.

  4. Don’t distract yourself while eating

    Its ok to have a conversation while taking lunch with your friend , however its really bad to eat while watching a movie or driving your car as you won’t realize how much you are eating actually.

  5. The hardest step is to reduce the amount of food that you eating with each meal

    To overcome that try to do it step up step and never reduce the food amount suddenly as that will make you falll back again to eat even more and its really good step to start using a smaller plates than the plates that you used to use.

Of course, Reducing the appetite and reducing the amount of food is a very big challenge and always remember that reducing the amount of food is very important , taking into consideration the quality of the food,as eating less food does not mean that it needs to be free of calories .

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