Why i did not lose weight quickly ?

Why i did not lose weight quickly ?
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The Question which is frequently asked  : Why i did not lose weight  quickly ? which leads to end up the diet and raise the white flag.

This is because the followed diet does not lead to the desired result  and , the fact that ,  the problem is not in the diet as far as what is in its steps which must be followed to ensure a satisfactory outcome for those steps .

Studies proved that , Any weight loss plan depends on a specific diet can not come alone, the outcome is uncertain but there are steps associated with the diet if it has been followed, the weight loss may occur much faster than expected .

First, The cancellation of a full range of food:

The major mistake that you fall in. When you follow a specific diet is that you deprives yourself of a full range of food such as sweets or chocolates, which leads to depression, which may lead you to return back to all prevented meals then rapidly reach the failure point .

Second , lack of exercise :

The plan to lose weight is highly depend on the amount of food , the type and content of physical activity and movement practiced during the diet and therefore, lack of exercise, or at least walk for an hour three times a week will make the weight loss takes longer time than what was possible to happen if there was a practice of the sport.

Third , weight lifting exercises :

Make sure the weight lifting exercises next to walking or running , as small weights lifted weights ‘dumbbells’ helps to burn a larger amount of fat and calories.

Fourth , lack sleep hours :

The lack of sleep for a period ranging between seven to eight  hours will make you feel very hungry and therefore you eat more calories throughout the day, all the dietary studies confirmed that the reduction in the number of hours of sleep leads to increased human appetite to eat more food.

Fifth , follow a suffused diet :

Usually suffused dieting comes with negative and opposite results  because no one can still eat one or two kind of food maximum for a long time.

Sixth , Do not try new food varieties :

If you are keen on eating a specific meal during  diet such as tuna and salad , for example, so you prevent yourself of  many benefits since changing the usual meals from time to time will give you the opportunity to integrate many benefits of the new food.


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