Yoga for Weight Loss and Fitness

Yoga for Weight Loss and Fitness
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Yoga means the linkage between the mind, body and soul until all of those work in harmony to get to the real balance.

5 principles for yoga

yoga is not considered as a sport , but it is sport in part as it train the body on the basis of its five principles  ” a proper diet , appropriate exercise , proper breathing , relaxation and meditation and positive thinking”

It was proved that Yoga exercises have a significant influence on the burning fat and tighten the muscles and control your appetite and reduce excessive eating .   yoga exercises isfunny like dance ballet and do not cause tired quickly it helps to reduce weight .

Yoga exercises restraint stress and think positively and thus control your appetite , and in addition to helping yoga to increase flexibility and balance , it strengthens the muscles and burns calories , and whenever I continued to practice yoga exercises , the greater the severity and effect of yoga to lose weight and get fit

The result that can be obtained from the practice of yoga is very personal , as the result can be immediate for some people as could be expected others more than a month until they feel the results are different objects and different responsiveness with yoga but there are certain situations to prevent the practice of yoga for people living with cataracts or hypertension because some exercises may not fit with these cases so it is better to consult a doctor or a yoga instructor.

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