Easy swedish exercises

Easy swedish exercises
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It is known that sports is a key factor in fitness and beauty of the body, it is also considered as the most important factor that makes your body graceful and admired a lot of friends are sports.

Swedish exercises :

It is extremely simple sport  which can be practiced any where you want  ” on land , on the couch or on the bed ” , the choice is yours.

In order to be useful, you must exercise in the right  way as mentioned in the animated pictures shows how  you can do these exercises properly.

First Exercise :

Sit on a Chair or something falling on the ground and lift the right leg five times , then do the same thing with the left leg .


This exercise is useful in tighten the muscles of the front and rear legs and burn more calories .

Second Exercise :

This is one of the best exercises which most of men, and sometimes women, using to pull  abdominal muscle, too many people suffer from flabby abdominal muscle.

So what is the solution  to have a flat belly without fats and tighten the The muscle of the body ?

In order to have good results ,  you have to practice the exercise frequently in a daily basis as mentioned in the shown picture for not less than continuously 1 month , and so , you will lose more calories   .


Third Exercise :

For your back elasticity , follow the exercise mentioned in the picture .

Put your hand on the back and then raise up to the maximum reach,  then go down to Earth again, “all this Slowly. ”


Fourth Exercise :

For grease and fat removal  from the waist down area ,  you should practice this exercise to help you tighten the muscle and burn the fat in that area.






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