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Fats To Muscles

  • Hesham Fathi
Fats To Muscles
Fats To Muscles
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Many people want to convert FAT to muscles. Convert the paunch to the belly of the 6 packs muscles. And turn the arm fats to biceps and triceps muscles.
But is this possible? And if you can. How you can achieve that ? That’s what we’ll talk about In this topic.

Recently, rumors abounded about bodybuilding in General, And many sources that you can read the news about healthy food and fat burning, and So are a lot of websites are spreading rumors about the same thing, For example, exercise or dietary supplements just to increase profits of the site itself.

Fat To Muscles Conversion

Surely you have heard about a food supplement or a certain exercise that converts fat to muscle, Is this true?!
As a matter of fact.. This speech is not possible. The body is made of Bones, muscles, fat. And you can’t shift any of its components to something else. You cannot convert the fat accumulated in your body to muscles. That’s just not possible.

Let us take the abdominal area for example, Contains the abdominal muscles, above this Muscles there are accumulated fats.
If you work the abdominal exercises only, It will strengthen the abdominal muscles And perhaps inflate it, But this will not affect the layer of fat over it, The exercise is aimed at muscle and not fat.
Therefore, you will not Remove the big belly with only abdominal exercises that focuses only on strengthening the muscles only.

What is the solution?

If you want to convert FAT to muscle, then you gotta do it the right way.

  1. Burn the extra fat

  2. Strengthening your muscles

and you may do one of the above steps for several months and then do the next step OR you can even do them both together.

For example. If you have a big fats, First make a balanced diet that contains the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates And a small quantity The beneficial fats And do aerobics as in General (that helps you burn more calories).
This continued until the fat is relatively low. And then a special diet to build muscle And definitely do muscle building exercises to get the desired result.

Hence, we understand that the process of turning fat into muscle It is only a rumor launched by some to promote their products, But you can work in two distinct steps. Burn fat … And build muscle.

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